New England Mineral Conference - NEMC
Maine Mineral and Gem Museum
Bethel, Maine

Museum TOUR Only through NEMC

At this years Conference, we are honored that the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in Bethel, Maine will open their doors to us for a private guided tour of this world-class museum. We are hopeful for a brilliant peek at the wonderful treasures already in the collection (examples shown on this page).

Additionally, the Museum has an in-house mineral and jewelry store at the center of the museum complex, and it will be open over the weekend (as well as throughout the week).

For those that are Registered for the Mineral Conference, whether you attend the Field Trip or not, you are invited to a Preview Museum Tour being held on May 12th (Friday afternoon). This tour is exclusively for the NEMC registrants, you must be registered and have your name badge to attend. The time schedule is shown on the .

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